Friends From the Forest

What it is!

Friends From the Forest is a series of hikes that aims to put the focus back on the time spent with people. Our early experiences on trail were filled with countless amazing men & women of all ages. The time they spent with us, and the memories we created, inspired us to pursue our passion for guiding. Now we would like to create an opportunity to take the focus off the activity, or the destination, and put it where it really counts! Back to our friends from the forest. If you have crossed paths with us you are welcome to join us, and we look forward to creating many memorable experiences that inspire others to enjoy their time spent with friends in the great outdoors.

How it Works!

This unique program puts control in your hands. Each Monday we will announce a location, and activity that was selected from one of your suggestions. The adventure will take place the following Wednesday. Selections will be made with careful thought to the season, conditions, and with safety in mind. We will post registration infomartion when we announce the destination. Don't wait to register, as space will be limited to 11, so we may comply we backcountry regulations, and best practices. 

Joppenbergh Mountain, March 21st

Flanked by a canal on one side, rails on another, Joppenbergh Mt. was once home to several bustling cement mines. Until one day, when the mountain could no longer give anymore, and it sealed the mine shafts with a series of mighty collapses. Today, Thanks to the efforts of the community, and the Wallkill Valley Land Trust, the mountain is open for recreation. We will follow a trail that works its way up the mountain to breathtaking vistas, which overlook the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, and the Rondout  Creek below.  

Spring Break, March 28th

Enjoy the trails, it is spring break! We will be back in a week with more great adventures. I will make sure to post plenty of pictures from the Everglades! Don't forget to drop us a line, with a suggestion for a Friends From the Forest adventure. We hope to see you out there soon!

Happy trails,


Previous Adventures

Where have we been before?

We thought it would be helpful to see where we have ventured previously with our Friends From the Forest. Remember anyone is welcome to suggest an adventure to be featured in this series. To suggest an adventure simply send us a message, and let us know where you want to go!



2/21 Slabsides Ramble

What a great choice to kick off this series.  We had a grand time exploring John Burroughs backyard. Our early morning mid week hike, allowed a pervasive sense of solitude to permeate the forest around us. The only other visitors we encountered on our leisurely stroll around the preserve were several deer  browsing the tender buds on low hanging branches. The peculiarly warm weather (70's) was an odd, yet welcome treat for the end of February. I caught a faint whiff of spring in the air that day, and I Look forward to revisiting the treasured sight to watch the seasons, and their scenery come and go. 

2/28 California Quarry

Join us for another great selection! This hike brings us to the legendary California Quarry in Woodstock. Tucked beneath Overlook Mountain this once bustling quarry produced some of the most desirable bluestone in the region. Today it sits quietly overlooking Woodstock and the lesser peaks that dot the horizon beyond. The hike will be a rather short one, but will feature ample views, and allow for time to relax and reflect, as the sun slips behind the mountains to our west. 

3/7 Platte Clove Winter Waterfalls

This enchanted valley holds some of natures most spectacular scenery. Most of it is nestled deep in a very treacherous landscape. However, the trails on the Platte Clove Preserve, provide safe access to this beautiful 75 foot waterfall.This waterfall sits atop a narrow gorge that plummets through the valley downstream. The sweeping views along the trail extend all the way to the Hudson River. Bring goods shoes, and a camera on this adventure!

Ferncliff Fire Tower, March 14th

The Ferncliff Preserve is a great example of efforts to protect the landscape, of the Hudson Valley. The Hike features uniques groves of old growth, and gentle terrain. The views from the fire tower provide an unrivaled perspective of the Catskills.