2018 Outdoor Classroom

Spring Into Hiking

For those of you that choose to hibernate in the winter, this course offers a great refresher, and some helpful tips to ease you back in to the Great Outdoors! 

How To: Not Get Lost

Map & Compass Class

This course will help you stay found! We will cover the use of map, and compass for the purposes of route planning,  navigation, and orienteering. 

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Allow our Leave No Trace, Master Educators to help you understand how you can plan more effectively to reduce your impact. they will also practice techniques that will help you share you new knowledge, with other aspiring adventurers. 

An Unexpected Night Out

Survival Training

It will never happen to me! Well, just in case... let us arm you with the know how, to make it out of an unplanned night in the forest. 

Adventures For All Ages

Family Adventures

Whether you are young, or just young at heart, the great outdoors has an adventure for you. No two adventures are alike! This course helps adventurers select, and plan the adventure that suits them, and allows for an enjoyable  time outdoors. 

Backpacking 101

Backpacking for Beginners

This course helps demystify all phases of long distance hiking. From route planning, to food drop logistics, and everything in between. We will cover the skills you need for those extended trips in the backcountry.