OutdoorFest | Catskill Mountains | Fall 2018


September 15th, & 16th

Join us, and many of our talented friends in the local Catskills guiding community as we welcome OutdoorFest upstate for the first time. September 15 & 16 OutdoorFest will takeover Camp Trimount. Trimount is nestled in a wide hollow at the southwestern corner of the notable Blackhead Range. This magnificent setting will host a weekend of adventure including skills classes, and an adventure challenge, with tons of great prizes!

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Wild Earth | Catskill Fire Towers


October 20th, Balsam Lake Mountain Fire Tower

I am so thrilled to offer this unique series of hikes that highlight some of the best panoramic views in the Catskills. The series will offer hikers a relaxed exploration of the Catskills form historic, and storied locations. Offered through Wild Earth, directly.  This program will also help those who join us discover, a how to slow down and connect to these legendary, scenic sites, and the natural world around them. 

The fire tower a top Balsam Lake Mountain has the highest 360° view in the western portion of the Catskill Forest Preserve. With cool, clear skies, we can enjoy views from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, looking east to west, and from the Helderberg Escarpment to New Jersey, looking north to south.

The trail from Millbrook Rd. follows a gentle grade, along an old carriage road that once connected the Beaverkill Valley to the Dry Brook Valley. A route that early settlers used to trade resources from on side of the mountain to another. The area around the mountain also has significant Native American history, with both the Algonquin, and Iroquois peoples having important ties to these lands, throughout several periods of history.

The valley to the south of the mountain, is to this day, one of the wildest places in the Catskills. In fact early European settlers feared this wild forest, and the soil did not see the feet of the first European until Lewis & Clark discovered the Pacific. This is amazing! Especially, when you consider that the Hudson Valley (back then a days travel away) was well settled in the 1640’s.

For those looking to discover the Catskills, the 5 fire towers offer the best introductory experience. The Balsam Lake Mountain tower provides not only views that stretch beyond the Catskills, but one of the most unique vantage points of the famous Catskill high peaks themselves. The tower trails were designed to be traveled by horse, and then later jeep, so they offer a wide path, and gentle grade for hikers. The views afforded by the towers offer unparalleled rewards for your efforts, as well, and the guidance of a knowledgeable local guide will give you insight into the character of these fabled mountains and valleys.

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Haunted Halloween Special!!!


October 27th & 28th, The Pottersville Ghost Town

A town ruined by a curse! First the lumber mill burns to the ground, leaving the whole town without any employment. Then hard times hit the region. Leaving the community to become resourceful to get by. Suddenly the bad luck turned worse, and people began to fall ill, with fits, and fevers. Then the curse drives the remaining towns people to go mad, ultimately one of them decides to end it for everyone!!!

This will be the delightedly haunted backdrop of our halloween backcountry bushwhack camping trip. Pack some extra base layers we can guarantee you will be changing them!!!