The Season of Solitude Series


June, 15th & 16th The Valley of Death

A deep chasm, with water drenched walls, and a series of increasingly taller waterfalls, is how we start our journey into the Valley of Death. Known locally by this moniker for it unforgiving, and sometimes deadly terrain. Don't let this scare you off! Our team has traveled this steep, and narrow canyon in every season, and we will expertly guide you along the safest course. No matter which route we travel, I guarantee the scenery will be worth the effort!

June, 22nd "1.5" Ridge

This route was shared with  us by a legendary Catskills backwoodsman, and it was better than he described. Smoother traveling than the trailed approach to this portion of the Devil's Path. We will find ourselves comfortably walking along the ridge, enjoying stunning views of the valleys and ridges that run alongside us. We will emerge on the wild side of the Devil's Path having enjoyed a peaceful traverse, in an otherwise harsh, and unforgiving landscape. 

August 10th, "Dunkebar" Trail

Named for the Dunkerbark Club that once managed the forest, and woods roads that lace the lower slopes, and affectionately called the Dunkebar (Dunk ah bar) by locals; this trail takes us to a location that seems to want to stay forgotten. Once a major route to and from the old settlement of Woodstock this route faded in to obscurity, and was twice slated to be revived as a hiking trail, only to slip quietly from the minds of planners. Today this route, and the forest around it sit peacefully below the high peaks, waiting to be discovered. 

December 29th - January 1st, Northern Adirondacks

Start your New Year of with some peace and quiet. Just shy of Canada, the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness, is normally active with campers, and anglers. However, when the water freezes, and the temps drop, only the hardiest come out to enjoy the natural splendor of the northern Adirondacks.  just imagine how peaceful it will be!!!

January 20th - 22nd, The Valley of Death

Do you ever wonder what hell would look like if it were to freeze over... Well, it is stunningly beautiful.  This landscape can literally swallow you whole. Steeped in folklore, and superstition, this awe inspiring valley, with its towering waterfalls, and countless plunge pools,  sits in the shadow of the Devil's Path. True to its name it has claimed the lives of more than a few unsuspecting travelers throughout the years. The early Dutch settlers believed it was where the Devil resided. This is a trip that is far too beautiful to describe, and one that you should certainly not attempt without an intimate knowledge of the valley. Our guides have  traversed this harsh landscape numerous times in all seasons, and can lead you safely to some of the most awe inspiring scenery in all of the Catskills. 

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