2018 Fall Paddling Trips

September 9th, No Name Brook

This majestic slice of the Adirondack's is conveniently located 3.5 hours closer. right in the middle of one of the wildest sections of the Catskills. If you were blindfolded on the drive up, you would swear you landed on the waters of the Adirondacks, but you will actually be right in the Catskills. With the shorter drive you will have more time and energy to enjoy what you came for....and with the water as high as it is now, we will have more to explore!!!! DON'T MISS OUT!!! 

September 22nd - 23rd, No Name Brook

Another chance to soak up some Adirondack scenery, without the long drive. Located 3.5 hours south of the Adirondacks, the No Name Brook offers a pristine waterway with moss lined, spruce forests flanking it banks. This destination has also been feature in our Solitude Series, because of how isolated the wilderness is. Only those who paddle these waters can access the remote, and sheltered forests to the north, of the brook.

October 21st, Fall Foliage on the Housatonic

A relaxing river paddle, with the fading fall colors. This river provides just the right amount of excitement, and it's location, in the Taconics provides a great chance for late fall colors! This river offers some swift sections, interspersed with relaxing, and scenic stretches. This trip is literally the best bang for your buck! we will be surrounded by autumn's splendor, while we make a run down the waters of the legendary Housatonic!!!

November 10th - 12th, Northern Adirondacks

This late in the season only the hardiest adventurers should consider venturing this far north. The chilly fall air will most certainly keep the crowds away. While we may encounter a late season angler,  it is likely we will have a true wilderness experience. With pristine wilderness, quiet lakes,  picturesque ponds, and NO BUGS!!! We can feel truly free to relax into this  peaceful wilderness. 

November 17th, One Last Paddle on the Housie!!!

The crisp Autumn air is sure to keep most away. So it is likely, that we will have the peace, and quiet of the Housatonic River Valley all to ourselves. Weather permitting this will be the last run of the season. With the right equipment, and extra preparation. We will enjoy one last paddle for the season. 

Weekend Adventures in the Western Catskills

East Branch Adventure Camp

We are very excited to team up with our dear friends at Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm, to offer family friendly adventure weekends. This series of weekend long adventures will start at the end of June, and run to the end of October. Space is limited, so don’t wait to sign up!


Lake Wawaka is the perfect place for us to help you hone your paddling technique. The tranquil waters, and peaceful setting provide a easy learning experience for paddlers of all abilities. 

Nature Hikes

With trails meandering along the stream, and over the rolling hills, we have a variety of scenery to enjoy. If we are careful enough, we can even experience the joy of watching a variety of birds, and wildlife, as they go about their day.


We will have access to Lake Wawaka, and  a beautiful section the East Branch of the Delaware.  We will work with you on the lake and stream, to teach you the different methods for catching the various species of fish. We will try to coax a few of these marvelous fish out of the water, to join us for a photo.  Or, we might even convince them to stay for dinner. 

Campfire Cuisine

The one thing  better than a good meal after a day of adventure, is one cooked over a campfire. We will prepare delicious camp fare, and provide a crackling campfire to share tall tales  around at the end of each day. 


What better way to beat the summer heat, than a good old fashion swimming hole. We can guarantee this one won't be crowded, or full of trash. The East Branch is a special place, and our friends have taken great care with this section. 

Night Paddling

Imagine effortlessly gliding under a star filled sky. The Western Catskills, are home to low rolling mountains, and wide open skies. The nights are dark in these parts. So when the conditions, and timing are right, Mother Nature puts on quite a show. 

Fall Calendar

October 12th - 14th

October 26th - 28th

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Canoe & Kayak Adventures

Flat Water Paddling for Beginners

We are so thrilled to add this to our list of adventures! We will be leading small instructional classes for first time, or novice paddlers. We will offer both canoe, and kayak instruction at this level. 

Contact us today to book an appointment: 845-399-9948, or WillSoter@upstateadventureguides.com

Canoeing Slow Rivers, & Lakes

love the idea of gliding through the water with little effort, and no need get your heart rate up? Flat water paddling offers the perfect experience for those seeking a relaxed paddle through pristine wilderness, and wild forests. The slower paced trips allow for better wildlife viewing, and nature photography, and it is amazing how 

much ground we can cover when the water is helping us along. 

Contact us today to book an appointment: 845-399-9948, or WillSoter@upstateadventureguides.com

White Water Kayaking

White Water Canoeing

Looking to get the heart pounding? Nothing does it better than some swift water. The rush of the rapids, the adrenaline, and of course the epic scenery 

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Custom Paddling Adventures

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