News From The Great Outdoors!

Do You Have a Special Place You Would Like to Share?

Our friends From the Forest series has grown in popularity. Our last two selections came complete with a full slate of participants ready to enjoy some time with us in the great outdoors. We are excited about this, but we would like to grow our ability to include more people. On our end we are looking into the availability of staff, so we could offer multiple outings to accommodate more time with friends in the forest. Another approach, (and this is where you can help) is to find private, or public parcels of land the would be suitable for a slightly larger groups. We encourage everyone to think of their favorite outdoor spaces, and consider submitting a selection to this program. From the rolling hills of a dairy farm, to the woods behind a house, we look forward to sharing time with you all, and we hope to share your favorite place in the outdoors with all of us!

To make a submission, email a location, along with a brief description to: WillSoter@upstateadventureguides. com

A delayed Start Gives a Second Chance to Start a Life of Adventure!

Well, I think we can all say winter has overstayed its welcome here in the Catskills. The lingering winter conditions have pushed back the start of our Young explorer's Summit Club, and the start of our Excelsior Adventure Club. That is great news for anyone who my wish to join us for one of those great adventure series. 

If you are not certain you came commit to the whole series, this delayed start gives you a chance to start at the beginning with the rest of us. If you have an adventurous youngster in your life these programs are a great way to help them cultivate the skills, and knowledge for a life full of excitement, and adventure.

Meet Local Guides at the Spring Open House

It may not feel like it yet, but Spring is here. Join us, and our collegeagus from NYSOGA as we welcome Spring with another seasonal Open House at the Maurice D, Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center, in Mt. Tremper. The Open House runs from 10-2 on Saturday April 28th. There will be an array of guides hosting demos, activities, and lectures. From Fly fishing to campfire cooking, all of the activities are aimed at helping visitors discover more of the Catskills. While also learning how to enjoy their adventures safely, and responsibly. 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors, and Make Memories with Friends From the Forest!

Unlike any of the others series that I guide for Upstate Adventure Guides, The Friends From the Forest series has no specific destination,  or dedicated activity that defines how we will spend our time in the great outdoors. Instead, the focus will be the time spent with the people who participate. These trips will have no cost, although we strongly encourage participants to consider donating to the NYSOGA Kids to Camp program. 

 Other than the essentials for safety, I will focus very little on being the  "guide." Instead, I will let the people, the activity, and the destination speak for themselves. These trips will be limited to a total of 11 participants, so that we may adhere to the wilderness group limits, and best practices for ethical outdoor recreation. The first person who contacts me each week will get  to select the activity, and location. Keep in mind these adventures will take place on Wednesday each week, so we will have some practical limits on what we can squeeze into an adventure.  This series pays tribute to the experiences that inspired me to share my passion for spending time in nature with friends, and family.

I look forward to spending more time with those of you who I haven’t seen on the trail in awhile, as well as all the new faces we will get to know. I can’t wait to create many new experiences like the early ones, that inspired me to pursue adventure as a career. 

How it works!

To submit a location, and activity for an upcoming date, contact me at 

I will post the selected submissions to the Upstate Adventure Guides website, and social media,  with registration information. As well as, links to any relevant information, such as start time, driving directions, and what to bring to be properly prepared. The locations, and activities will be posted each Monday for the following Wednesday.  Suggestions will be taken in the order they arrive.  I look forward to creating memorable experiences with all of you.

Happy trails,



Do you love the outdoors? Would you like to gain hands on experience with a successful leader in the adventure tourism industry.  We are looking for "front country & backcountry" interns to help us grow.  If this sounds like the adventure you are looking for,  send a resume and cover letter to

Here is a little of what we are looking for from our applicants. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you can join us on this journey.

“Backcountry”--assist in planning, preparation and execution of our outdoor adventures and classes 

  • pre-trip logistics (menus, gear, etc) & client communication
  • managing group dynamic, creating excitement & encouraging group bonding. Developing the ability to lead a group of people with different motivations, abilities & experience levels to a common goal while ensuring all enjoy the experience 
  • build “hard” outdoor skills on instructional trips (e.g. Survival School, Navigation classes)
  • post trip communication & logistics

“Frontcountry”--assist with operations, business development, client communication & more. 

  • designing adventures & creating calendars for adventures and classes in NY, vacations, and international adventures
  • pre-trip & seasonal logistics of scheduling
  • effective marketing & engagement including content creation
  • client communication 
  • budgeting & operations 

Trout Tales | Legendary Headwaters Hike

April 20th | This is Where it All Begins!

Join our very own Will Soter, as he joins up with local fly fishing guide Todd Spire, from Esopus Creel. They have created a spectacular,  trip to bring you to the place where a tiny trickle becomes the legendary Willowemoc. This hike goes beyond revealing the source of this revered trout stream. Will's deep knowledge of the landscape, and it history, combined with Todd's extensive knowledge of the stream, and its prized inhabitants, will inspire your passion fo this magical stream. You will be hooked like countless generations of anglers, that have been mesmerized by its ceaseless flow, and enchanted by the native brook trout, that call it home.   

To maintain the wild character of this pristine landscape, space will be limited on this trip. We hope you are able to join us for this adventure to the land where the legendary Willowemoc starts its journey. 

Catskills Trout Tales 2018

Its Not Over Yet!!!!!!!

We are proud that we were able to be a part of this great event, once again! We hope you were able to join us as we shared our knowledge of navigating off trail to the secret fishing holes of the legendary Catskills headwaters, the birthplace of American fly fishing. We also had our famous  model camp set up, and  Chef Frank, conducted a demonstration on how to cook those trout you catch, over a campfire.

If you  missed this event! We would like to remind you that, it is not over yet!!

We would strongly encourage everyone who finds themselves longing for a little time in the great outdoors, to check out the calendar of events on the Catskills Trout Tales website.

Additionally, we are teaming up with our friend Todd Spire of Esopus Creel to bring you a chance to explore the Willowemoc, on our legendary headwaters hiking trip. This adventure will bring you to the lands that cradle the headwaters of two of America's most famous fly fishing rivers, the Willowemoc, and the Beaverkill.