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Many Great Adventures Await!!!

While fall means we begin finding pumpkin spice is strange places, it also means cooler weather, fewer bugs, and bright fall colors. We have an array of adventure options to help you  see those fall colors. Whether by paddling, or hiking to a mountain vista we have a wide selection of adventures. Our Solitude Series continues with adventures to the less travel corners of Catskills interior, and our paddling series has option the keep the scenery coming, or allow you to float peaceful. Check our calendar tab for more details about each series, and adventure. 

Fall Paddling Adventures


Fall Foliage on the Water

We are so excited that we have many new paddling options to share with you this fall. From leisurely paddling trips on the ponds, and lakes of America's First Wilderness, to exciting river trips. We have an adventure for almost every paddler. 

Glidding effortlessly on flat water is one of the best ways to soak in all those breathtaking fall colors. There is no need to hike to the top of a mountain, when you can float around, between a 360 degree panorama, of autumnal splendor. 

If you are looking for something with a little more adventure. All of the recent rain has given us the ability to add several day, and overnight trips, on some of our favorite rivers.

For those of you that are really looking to enjoy some quiet time away from it all, we have a great late season trip to one of the most remote canoe areas in the Northern Adirondacks. 



Welcome to the Team!


2018 | Backcountry Intern

Jennifer Skipper, often called "Skip", or "Skipper", grew up along the Hudson River south of Albany, in Coeymans Hollow. From a young age she could be found exploring nature, and the wilderness she found surrounding her house. Early on,  she developed a love for exploration, and adventure. Whether she is tramping through the forest, or building shelters, Jennifer finds great joy in her time, in the wild. She has explored, and familiarized herself with the Northern Catskills, and Southern Adirondacks, and is excited to guide trips in those regions. Jennifer is an avid hiker, camper, and bush crafter. She also enjoys anything that will put her closer to nature. Recently Jennifer participated in an apprenticeship with Dave Muska, from Ondatra Adventures. Where she learned, and practiced primitive skills,  survival skills, as well as wild edible, and medicinal plant identification.  Jennifer is eager to share her knowledge, and passion for nature, and exploration. Her goal is to help people to get out into the wild, closer to nature... Maybe even understand it better, embrace it, harmonize with it, but most of all, to get out there and enjoy it!!!

We are so thrilled to have Jennifer join the team here at Upstate Adventure Guides. Her genuine enthusiasm, and depth of knowledge bring a whole new way to experience the great outdoors. Jennifer will be working along side the team for a few adventures, and then she will begin to craft her own unique series of adventures. We are excited to be able to share those with all of you, and look forward to supporting Jennifer as she connects people to nature, and a lifetime of adventures. 


2018 | Backcountry Intern

Andrew Surak was born, and raised in the foothills of the 

Catskill Mountains, in Boiceville NY. From a young age, he enjoyed fishing and exploring the great outdoors. Andrew is an avid trout fisherman having spent his lifetime fishing the fabled creeks of the Catskills. Andrew has hiked the trails within the region, and has a passion for finding the next hidden location off the beaten path. Besides spending his time in the Catskills, Andrew has traveled to throughout the US, and exploring 

the natural wonders he discovered along the way. Andrew hopes to help you connect with a simpler way of spending your time, by reconnecting you to the natural world. 

Andrew will be joining us on the trail, for our Friends From the Forest series, and around camp for some of our overnight adventures. Andrew will also be working to develop his own series of adventures that we will feature here soon.  

Help Wanted!!!


Front Country Intern

Do you love the outdoors? Would you like to gain hands on experience with a successful leader in the adventure tourism industry.  We are looking for "front country " interns to help us grow.  If this sounds like the adventure you are looking for,  send a resume and cover letter to
Here is a little of what we are looking for from our applicants. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you can join us on this journey.
“Frontcountry”--assist with operations, business development, client communication & more. 

  • designing adventures & creating calendars for adventures and classes in NY, vacations, and international adventures
  • pre-trip & seasonal logistics of scheduling
  • effective marketing & engagement including content creation
  • client communication 
  • budgeting & operations 


More Time With Friends in the Forest!

Now that summer is officially over, we look forward to adding more time on the calendar for these great adventures, in our Friends from the Forest series. 

We have had a great summer season! Spending way more time on the trails, and water, than in the office! As things begin to slow down we are thrilled to be able to open up this great series again! After all, spending time with friends in the forest is what got us into the outdoors, in the first place.

 We have already begun to receive some really interesting request We look forward to hearing where you would like to explore, and we are very excited to hit the trail with all of you soon! 

Some of the Special Places Our Friends Have Shared With us

With a growing popularity of this program, we asked our friends to share their special places with us. We have been delighted with some of the stunningly beautiful locations we have gained access to. From Spillian, a Grand Cottage, and its enchanted forest, that once served as a Summer retreat to the Fleischmann family.  To the rolling open meadows, and trout streams, of Field & Stone. which sits on the site of the earliest settlement in Bovina.  We are excited to connect our friends to these special places, and to the special friends that have graciously shared them with us. There is something very special that happens when we slow down, and get to know the people and story of the beautiful places we enjoy. We hope you can join us on one of the great adventures in this series. 

Do You Have a Special Place You Would Like to Share?

Our friends From the Forest series has grown in popularity. We have even had two selections, that came complete with a full slate of participants ready to enjoy some time with us in the great outdoors! We are excited about this, but we would like to grow our ability to include more people. On our end we are looking into the availability of staff, so we could offer multiple outings to accommodate more time with friends in the forest. Another approach, (and this is where you can help) is to find private, or public parcels of land the would be suitable for a slightly larger groups. We encourage everyone to think of their favorite outdoor spaces, and consider submitting a selection to this program. 

From the rolling hills of a dairy farm, to the woods behind a house, we look forward to sharing time with you all, and we hope to share your favorite place in the outdoors with all of us!

To make a submission, email a location, along with a brief description to: WillSoter@upstateadventureguides. com 

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