"These men are truly marvelous"

 We have the pleasure of working as well as playing with Will Soter, Alex Marra, and the Upstate Adventure Guides folks - Will has helped design and recreate trails at our lodge and retreat center, Spillian, as well as guiding us - and many guests - on unforgettable trips through the Catskills. He knows these mountains as if they are an extension of him - and loves them beyond measure. We want to steal him so he just plays with us all the time. And Alex? Well, Alex not only loves these mountain, we think he moves them. We know he makes the weather happen... These men are truly marvelous. 


"He knows every detail of any trail in any season."


WIll literally lives and breaths his craft. He knows every detail of any trial in any season. Will is not only extremely familiar with every peak and valley of the Catskills, but he knows the history of the area, the earliest industries like tanners, native american tribes and practices, and origins of the reservoirs near by. From broad topics of the mountain peaks to specific edible plants, Will knows his stuff.Will is also very attentive to the skills and abilities of his clients. He is thorough in preparation, able to adjust on the hike and makes sure your adventure is worthwhile.
- Ben


"This is the adventure you need!"

 Couldn't think of two more knowledgeable guys to trek with. If you are interested in exploring upstate New York's beautiful terrain, this is the adventure you need ! Happy Trails !